writing & thought leadership

Getting your message out to the world takes work. We tell stories, make analogies, present evidence, and counter objections. To get there, we need to develop a process for figuring out what we know and how we know it. Then we can organize it so others can enthusiastically get on board. 

Before I became a psychologist, I was a book and magazine editor (not to mention English major, grammar geek, and obsessive reader). Here are some ways my coaching helps leaders with their writing projects:

  • Setting deadlines and providing accountability for getting your stuff done
  • Sounding board for developing your ideas out loud, which makes them easier to write
  • Providing simple structures for turning big ideas into posts, white papers, TED-type talks, books, and more
  • Persuasion through appealing to "both sides" of the brain: evidence & statistics as well as resonance & analogy

Contact me to tell me about your project and see if we are a fit!