Ongoing webinars and live classes

Conversational Aikido

"When they go low, we go high" is a great slogan. But what do you do if the high road isn’t working? In our current political climate, a lot of people feel devalued for who we are. We’re worried about angry remarks toward us. We don’t want to feel scared all the time. This class is not therapy. It’s about tactics – how to get win respect when people are trying to demean you. Ways to get back on track when people are playing dirty. Keeping your eye on the ball so that you get what you really want, even from people who don’t hold your values. Methods that work to stop people from spreading hate. Methods you can use for yourself and on behalf of others.

In this live-action class, you will practice tackling your fear. Decoupling words from ideas so that they have less power over you, and using words to change the dynamics of the situations you face. You’ll have a super-supportive atmosphere in which to practice and process in real time. 

Delegating (so that your people follow through) 

If leadership = getting stuff done through the work of other people, delegation is the ultimate leadership skill. But what about when no one follows through? Or they don’t do it like you wanted? How do you even know what you ought to do yourself vs. delegate? This class is about how to get what your project needs accomplished so you can focus on the stuff only you can do without being a downer.

managing political differences at work 

We’ve all heard that you should keep politics out of the workplace. But in our current age of social media and political polarization, politics are almost impossible to avoid. In this bipartisan session we’ll discuss the whys and wherefores of flying your political flag; when to dial it back vs. take a stand; handling relationships with people whose views differ from own; and strategies to keep your team engaged with each other and focused on what’s important.

In this session, participants will learn to:

  • Identify and plan for situations where political stances come into play
  • Determine priorities for their personal brand
  • Gracefully keep across-the-aisle relationships positive without sacrificing integrity
  • Recover trust if things get tense
  • Maintain esprit-de-corps in the workplace