passion and purpose

It's why we lead. Our purpose whispers, "Here's something you should bring to life," and our passion sustains us while we make it so. 

Of course, passion is not all sunshine and glory. Sometimes too much passion can blind us to the reality in front of us, leading to rigidity, sketchy decisions, and lost opportunities.

So, how much passion is the right amount?  

True story: No one really knows for sure. But I want to help answer that - using science!

I'm collecting data on leader passion for an academic study. It's an online survey to be filled out by you, the leader, and also by one person you work with (peer, supervisor, staff member or other relationship ok). In exchange for the two of you taking the survey I will provide you both with a complimentary 30-minute coaching session on a topic of your choice. 

Intrigued? Click the picture to find out more and participate in the study.