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All organizations have their unique cultures. The key to a good culture is strong leadership.

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Participate in my research

Right now I'm doing a study on passion and purpose in leadership to complete my doctoral studies in Positive Organizational Psychology at Claremont Graduate University.

In return for taking two 10 minute surveys, I'm offering a free 30-minute coaching session to all participants - and lots of other free perks to organizations that bring in multiple sets of participants, including workshops and custom consulting.

This is a two-part online survey. Part A takes 10 minutes and is completed by a person in any kind of supervisory role. That person then nominates someone who works with them (a direct report, supervisor, or peer) to take part B, which is a different 10 minute survey. 

If you don't supervise anyone, you can still take Part B and get the reward - you just have to nominate your own supervisor to take Part A. 

The survey is confidential and responses will only be shared in aggregate (see the full consent form by clicking the button below). 

I'm offering additional generous incentives for participation by multiple people in the same work groups - organizations, departments and work teams.  

Download the one-sheet below to find out more.

Workshops & Training

Kim creates inspiring, high energy, interactive learning experiences responsive to you - your company culture,  your team's developmental priorities, or your forum's desires. 

All workshops available in half-day and 90-minute versions. 

Communication for leaders

  • Difficult conversations
  • Leadership through listening
  • Coaching for managers
  • Boost your influence
  • Giving and receiving feedback

Writing and thought leadership

  • Writing white papers
  • Simple structures for turning ideas into blog posts, talks & more
  • Boosting persuasion through evidece, resonance & statistics

Leading with passion & purpose

  • Why passion matters to leaders
  • The dark side of leader passion


  • Real talk: Communicating authentically
  • How to feel more authentic
  • Taking feedback like a champ

Competitive environments

  • Play hard without losing your soul
  • Defuse distracting rivalries
  • That which cannot be named: Competition in women-driven environments
  • Competition and creativity

Critical thinking and creativity

  • Rules of engagement: Discussing ideas without dissing people 
  • Creative thinking for non-creatives
  • Stating your case: Framing persuasive arguments

Leading while female

  • Myths & truths about feminine leadership
  • Perfectionism & being a “good girl”
  • Speaking your mind with confidence
  • Making the ask: Everyday negotiation
  • Building alliances

Motivation & performance

  • What really motivates your team?
  • Get your groove back: Motivating yourself
  • Making feedback stick
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talks & conferences

Kin gives talks about cutting edge research in positive psychology - passion, flow, motivation, authenticity, and more.

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