critical thinking and creativity

Finding information is no longer the problem; now it's all about sifting through the vast piles of data we have at our command.

Since we are evaluating evidence so we can make decisions all day every day, let's boost our powers of analysis. That's using our heads.

And since we are also called upon to innovate, let's find new and better ways to tap into our innate creativity. Crazy as it might sound, creativity is always achieved by using our hearts.

Here are some topics I like to talk about related to critical thinking, creativity and decision making:

  • Persuasion on both sides of the brain: Using resonance and evidence
  • Rules of engagement: How to discuss ideas without dissing people 
  • Want more creativity? Boost your diversity and inclusion
  • Regaining your creative ground
  • Stating your case: Framing logical arguments

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