Competition & competitive environments

Some people thrive on it. Some people think it’s unevolved and avoid it. Others try to pretend it isn’t real. Wherever you might place yourself on that continuum, in our culture, competition is a fact of life.

So, how is your approach to competition working for you?

I’m a former elite sports competitor. I won a lot. And in order to live a happy life with personal growth and good relationships, I also learned how to relax and stop making it all about winning.

If you or your group is having strife over a competitive situation, I can help you figure out what’s really going on, and help make it better for all involved. 

Here are some topics I like to teach and coach about:

  • Play hard without losing your soul
  • Defuse distracting rivalries
  • That which cannot be named: Competition among women
  • Competition and creativity

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