About Kim

Kim Perkins is passionate about embracing change. Once a skinny Midwestern girl picked last for every team in gym class, she transformed into a professional athlete and three-time champion of the world’s longest inline skate race, the 87-mile Athens to Atlanta. After completing her athletic career, she transformed again – this time into a positive psychologist who helps others reformulate their experiences and reach their goals. 

As a doctoral candidate in Positive Organizational Psychology at Claremont Graduate University, Kim studies motivation from two different perspectives: how people experience and make the most of competitive situations, and how pursuing both passion and purpose helps developing leaders create powerful outcomes. She has taught classes on training and employee development at Cal Poly Pomona and guest lectured on the new forms of intrinsic and prosocial motivation at various business schools around Southern California.

 As a psychology practitioner, Kim has coached executives at prominent US museums on behalf of the Getty Leadership Institute; facilitated the Advance course in leadership at Southern California Edison; and helped California’s largest mental institution implement strategies from positive organizational psychology to transform worker engagement. With Dr. Bennett McClellan, she co-designed the Total Question Workout, a systematic method of asking better questions to get better answers. 

A former magazine editor-in-chief, Kim holds a BA in English from Oberlin College and an MA in Evaluation and Research Methods from Claremont Graduate University. She lives with her husband in Pasadena.

A few of the Organizations I've worked with: